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Breakups are never easy. But if you the one who blocked we have a solution for you. Find out how to text your ex if they blocked your number now. Blocked my ex's number, and told him not to contact me, ever. 3 months later, i try to call him, now his number is blocked. This has been a saga. Now what?. Well you pretty much blocked him then he was very upset that he may. 2017/09/17 · My Ex Blocked My Number: My Boyfriend Blocked Me On His Phone Your ex boyfriend won't answer the phone. Each time you call him and he doesn't pick up, you get more frustrated and upset. You just want a chance. 2019/05/20 · Ex blocked my number and unfollowed my social media As soon as I read the message I was like wow her friend must know something else. So I started asking her questions about the break up and she ended up telling my ex. My ex blocked my number what does that mean? Answer Wiki User January 21, 2010 9:24PM it means that u cant call him or talk to him on your phone, Related Questions Asked in Breakups, Dreams and Dream Interpretation.

If he's blocked you on all social media, blocked your number, or both, he's probably trying to get over you. That, or you scared the fuck out of him. YGG. I would not. If your girlfriend has blocked your number, you may feel that she slammed a door and locked it. While figuring out immediate steps to resume communication is important, so is unearthing the reason. 2016/11/22 · Mark my words he is going to come back in two or max three months after he has explored and found his inner peace. All guys act this way well majority of them my ex did the same left me for four months, blocked me from.

Everyone differs in the way of handling ex. Some remain friends, even close friends and they claim that it works out just fine for them. Some will leave ex as a contact in the phone, but never really contact. I, personally cut off all. 2011/12/21 · Blocked my ex through phone.is this a bad idea? I decided to block my ex boyfriend from phone calls and texting, not because he keeps bothering me or even tries to contact me because he doesn't but because i myself keep. 2019/12/30 · My ex broke up with me. He blocked my number for 3 wks. Unblocked me and called. Then he blocked my number again for 5 days, then unblocked me. Finally I said "if you truly want me to leave you alone and you.

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